Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Sports associations are losing members for the first time in several years

The corona crisis has affected the voluntary work in sports associations and caused thousands to sign up.

The corona crisis has affected all parts of society, and two of Denmark’s largest sports associations have not gone free either.

This is shown by the membership figures from 2020 for the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI) and the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF).

DGI and DIF lost a total of 89,613 members, according to a press release from DIF.

According to DGI chairman Charlotte Bach Thomassen, for example, it is the great uncertainty as to whether it has been possible to get into sports that has led the many thousands to opt out.

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– There is no doubt that there have been parents of children who have thought that we will not register the children this year. And of course, there have also been adult members who have thought that this is not sustainable, and have found something else to give in to, she says.

After the large dropout, DGI and DIF have a total of 2,216,675 members. The number has been adjusted so that more people are members of both organizations. This corresponds to a decrease of almost four percent in the number of members.

Sports associations are largely carried by volunteers, and their efforts have, of course, also been affected by the many apostate members.

– It has been of great importance to the volunteer crowd that we have had such a long break. It is for the daily training and events that we recruit new volunteers. And it is the entire association operation that must be looked after and nurtured that must be put on track, says Charlotte Bach Thomsen.

DIF chairman Niels Nygaard calls the declining figures worrying for “both our physical, mental and social health”.

– Now we must make every effort to ensure that children, young people and adults return to active communities, he says in the announcement.

According to Charlotte Bach Thomsen, the Danes have generally had a declining level of activity over the past year due to the corona crisis.

– When you do not have a team that is waiting for you, and you do not have the motivating factor, which is to meet together, which is a strong part of many Danes’ leisure life, we fall back on the couch. And that puts itself in our well-being in general, she says.

Now, according to DGI, it is about getting the reopening of the country to proceed according to plan, so that the members can apply again to the associations.

DGI calls on the associations to resume activities as soon as reopening allows, and as far as possible to try to extend the activities so that members do not miss anything.

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