Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home Technology Studio Ghibli reveals the secret behind their insanely mouth-watering dishes

Studio Ghibli reveals the secret behind their insanely mouth-watering dishes

Studio Ghibli films are today recognized worldwide for their particularly majestic aesthetics and fascinating mythology. Moreover, the kitchen scenes greatly contribute to the special atmosphere of the studio’s films. It must be said that the dishes presented on the screen make the stomachs of the spectators growl in an almost supernatural way. But what makes these scenes so particularly enticing? The studio producer recently revealed the secret behind this effect.

Some more appetizing dishes than the next

During a question-and-answer session between studio Ghibli fans and Toshio Suzuki, the producer behind the creation of the Japanese studio, unveiled some magic tricks well kept by the animation teams on Twitter.

Among these revelations, he unveils in particular some secrets about the food choices of the animators. Ramen cooked with love by Sosuke’s mom in Ponyo on the Cliff to the astronomical dishes prepared by the servants of the baths in Spirited away, many meals are terribly longing.

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So much so that many Internet users have hijacked Miyazaki’s kitchen scenes on several occasions. Some have even tried to reproduce certain recipes at home.

The sense of detail at the origin of this food fascination

So where does this craze come from? One might be tempted to answer that the exotic aspect of certain dishes makes you really want to taste them but it is not limited to that. Especially since the preparation of a simple egg toast in The Howl’s Moving Castle is enough to mysteriously make the spectator salivate.

In fact, according to Toshio Suzuki, the fascination with this food has nothing to do with making viewers hungry. Everything is in fact in the sense of detail specific to Hayao Miyazaki.

Indeed, Miyazaki absolutely tested all of her dish ideas before bringing them to the screen. Evidence of this fact exists elsewhere and it is possible to discover videos of the director preparing ramen in the kitchens of Studio Ghibli.

Miyazaki’s genius strikes again

Since Hayao Miyazaki prepared all the dishes on the screen himself, he is therefore totally able to incorporate all the details of the lovingly prepared recipe into his films.

Whether it is the intensity of the flames of the gas stove, the inertia of cabbage in contact with boiling water or the exact color of certain sauces in a bento, everything is scrupulously detailed.

This amusing anecdote therefore once again underlines the genius of the directors of Studio Ghibli and in particular of Hayao Miyazaki, so concerned with the realism of his works that he himself has become one of the protagonists. It remains to be seen whether the dishes he prepared are as good as they seem …



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