Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Breaking News Suddeutsche Zeitung: the West should "intimidate" Moscow

Suddeutsche Zeitung: the West should “intimidate” Moscow

Russia has not attacked anyone yet, but rumors about the movement of its troops near the borders of neighboring states may already be a reason for painful sanctions. This is the opinion of Daniel Bressler, a German expert, author of the Suddeutsche Zeitung.

He believes that Western countries should use the tactics of “intimidation” against Moscow. It is not enough just to call for restraint; this is hardly perceived by Moscow as a serious warning, Bressler said.

He believes that by pulling troops to the Ukrainian borders, Moscow probably “wants to test how strong the nerves of the new US President Joe Biden, who angered the Russian leader by calling him a murderer, is.” Or maybe the Russian authorities have not yet decided what they will do next. This uncertainty should force the West to take a clear position, the expert said.

He notes that if in 2014, after the Crimean events and the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia was “shocked by the sharp reaction of the West and tangible sanctions,” now the Kremlin knows exactly what they are doing.

This is where the danger lies – “the Russian leadership has already assessed the consequences of the new attack, especially since it has adapted to the economic damage from the already imposed sanctions.” In addition, Russia has long given no importance to relations with the EU. However, if Europe and the United States act as a united front and threaten with very painful sanctions that will affect the Russian power apparatus and its economic basis, then there is a chance of success. “If Russia attacks Ukraine, then this should naturally mean the end of Nord Stream 2,” the expert is sure. According to him, at least this should be stated clearly and clearly.

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