Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Breaking News Supporting parties: More focus on railways and greater climate ambitions

Supporting parties: More focus on railways and greater climate ambitions

The support parties will invest more in public transport than the government. Climate focus is also lagging, it sounds.

The government is too unambitious with the green transition, and there is too much focus on cars and motorways and too little focus on public transport.

This is the message from the government’s support parties, the Radicals, the Socialist People’s Party and the Unity List, after the government’s proposal on Thursday about the infrastructure of the future.

According to Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen (S), it provides a “small” CO2 gain in the climate accounts, but it does not impress the support parties.

– I’m not sure, it’s for believers, and I also do not think that a small plus is ambitious enough, says Rasmus Helveg Petersen, transport spokesman for the Radicals.

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– I completely agree with the ambition, but I can not fully understand how the expansion of so many roads and such a limited focus on public transport could contribute positively.

The Unity List’s transport spokesman, Rasmus Vestergaard Madsen, would have liked the government to be more “visionary” in its green ambitions.

At SF, transport spokesperson Anna Valentina Berthelsen is “skeptical” about the climate gain.

– Of course we have to expand our roads, and some of the things the government is planning make good sense. But one of the biggest tasks we have is to stop the climate crisis, and we will have to contribute to that here, she says.

Specifically, the government will allocate DKK 46.9 billion to the road area, while DKK 39.5 billion goes directly to public transport.

But that is a wrong priority, the support parties believe.

– The balance is not affected between motorways and public transport, says Rasmus Helveg Petersen.

For example, he misses an extension of the light rail in Aarhus and Odense.

– There are some surprising shortcomings in the plan. For example, there are no more light railways in Odense and Aarhus, so the improvement of public transport stops at some S-trains in Copenhagen. I simply do not understand that.

Ramus Vestergaard Madsen also points to the light railways as a shortage in the government’s proposal as well as more investment in public transport to avoid congestion.

– When you invest in roads, you also get more cars and more congestion. Attempts have been made to build out of congestion with motorways, but we can see that congestion continues to increase, he says.

Both the Unity List and the Socialist People’s Party also point to cycling as an area for which more money must be prioritized.

Anna Valentina Berthelsen calls the amount in the government’s bicycle pool “very small” and will more than double it by allocating five billion for new bicycle paths.

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