Friday, April 16, 2021
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SUVs and Virtual Showrooms Become Trends in Indonesia – PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia said that the SUV segment car is still a mainstay and trend in a number of world automotive markets, including Indonesia. Not only that, a combination of technology such as a virtual showroom is also a new option for automotive companies to reach their customers during a pandemic.

“This is a global trend that goes hand in hand with lifestyles. SUVs are now not only used for business purposes but are becoming more widespread, such as for vacationing with family even for off-road trips to long distances. Other countries are also experiencing this trend,” he said. “said President Director of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia Choi Duk-jun through an online discussion on Thursday (8/4/2021).

Furthermore, the high interest in SUVs is also evidenced by the achievement of sales of Mercedes-Benz in Indonesia, which recorded an increase in sales of up to 11 percent in the first quarter of 2021.

The increase in sales of Mercedes-Benz in the first three months of 2021 is still dominated by the SUV segment, with a contribution of 52 percent of total sales. Previously, in 2020, SUVs were also a support for Mercy sales in Indonesia.

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Deputy Director of Sales Operations Product Management of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia Kariyanto Hardjosoemarto added, with the addition of features that are no less exclusive than the flagship sedan of Mercy, it is a contributing factor to the high public interest in this family car.

“With the features embedded in SUVs that are not inferior to sedans, and other things that are taken into account by customers related to other factors such as multi-purpose usage, where SUVs can be used for trips out of town, holidays, making customers feel SUVs are more suitable in this field. , “explained Kariyanto.

“SUVs also have a wide choice of capacities, ranging from 5-seater to 7-seater. This factor is a factor for why customers prefer SUVs,” he added.

Meanwhile, the trend of SUVs, virtual showrooms is also a new space to market products more broadly. Mercedes-Benz Indonesia recently launched this feature.

“We are preparing for the future. Customer journey and experience will continue to grow. Virtual showroom is an option for customers before they go to the showroom directly, so they can first explore via virtual. The point is for the convenience of customers,” said Kariyanto.

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“Most people are still going around first, comparing offers, and others. With this virtual showroom, it can cut more time for searching, by facilitating. The efficiency is more elevated,” he concluded. [Antara]



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