Monday, April 19, 2021
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Suzana Garcia does not exclude agreement with Chega (PSD candidate’s first interview with Amadora)

He knows André Ventura and does not say anything bad about him. “My problem is not with him”, but with “what’s behind it”. In fact, she rolls her eyes whenever they talk about these fait divers. But he does not put red lines in the dialogue with Chega, nor does he use fences: “These are artificial dams placed on the right that are not placed on the left”, he says. In an interview with Expresso, recorded at the PSD Lisbon district headquarters the day after she was announced as a PSD candidate for the Câmara da Amadora, Suzana Garcia guarantees that she received invitations from “all the parties on the right” for political projects, and that she did not he would refuse to join the chamber with anyone as long as he was allowed to star in a rupture project.

“I do this with any party that allows me to give the people of Amadora what they deserve. It is not on my horizon at the moment, but if it were important to Amadora I would even form a coalition with the PS ”, he says, stressing that he does not have“ political aspirations ”nor does he care about“ formalisms ”. What is certain is that, unlike the governance of the country, in municipalities it is enough to win to govern, and coalitions may be necessary to guarantee current governance, and that is what Suzana does not reject. He speaks loudly and gesticulates, but he always stresses that he does not want to escape the questions. What it does not support are “lies”. Asked whether Rui Rio should repeat in the Government what the PSD did in the Azores, the candidate leans back in her chair as if to say that it is not a matter that concerns her, but continues: she equates that party to BE (not the PCP, party for which it has “respect”) to say that if the ‘contraption’ was legitimate, the same can happen on the right. “Are you afraid?” He shoots.



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