Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News Swear. Sexual assault on minors: his wife was an accomplice

Swear. Sexual assault on minors: his wife was an accomplice

The couple do not look at each other. However, they share the bar of the criminal court this Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Hugues *, 37, has an imposing belly. Catherine *, 42, hides behind her smooth hair and her mask. ” Yes I knew. I was surprised and shocked, ”this mother of two will let go, before announcing through the voice of her lawyer that she is making use of her right to silence.

Three years of judicial investigation

It took three years of legal information to bring to light the pedophile acts of Hugues, between 2014 and 2016, on a young 8-year-old minor. Then, in 2018, on his niece, after being in pre-trial detention for a year and a half.

For the first, he takes advantage of the fact that his wife is a maternal assistant to enter the room of the little girl she keeps. “What were you doing in these people’s house?” In this 8-year-old girl’s room? », Will assert the prosecutor. “I used to say goodbye to children,” explains the man. By “saying goodbye”, he would have licked the sex of the girl by promising her a packet of candy. The victim, present at the hearing and now 15 years old, remembers that these facts would have taken place “2 or 3 times”. In a letter read by her lawyer, Me Stéphane Creusvaux, she describes all her anger. “You, Catherine, you knew and you kept a black silence. And you, Hugues, you abused me as a child. I’m so sick of telling myself that someone could have done this to me at my age. Catherine, you knew everything he did. “

Because the man would have confessed these facts to his wife, who would have chosen to do nothing. Prosecuted for non-assistance to people in danger and corruption of minors, the forty-something will not look at the victims.

Assault on his niece

For the second facts, Hugues attacks his niece who has come to spend time with her sons. He will take advantage of his wife’s outing with their two children to fondle the 15-year-old girl, before repeatedly offering her to have sex. “It was on the spur of a momentum”, he will justify. The third victim is still a teenager. Catherine encouraged the latter to have sex with her husband, which she did not do.

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“You rarely have to judge couples who appear together, united like the fingers of one hand. United, they were united in the commission of their crimes, they nourished each other. Without it, the facts could not be done. Without him, they would not be committed, ”requested the prosecutor. Nicolas Morel, Catherine’s lawyer, reacts: “My client would be a tout? She is a woman in the grip of her husband who lives in fear. She acted under threats, blackmail from her husband, you have no elements to condemn her, ”he pleads.

The court sentences Hugues to 5 years in prison, with a committal warrant, and 2 years in prison for Catherine.

To protect the identity of minors, the names of defendants will not be revealed.



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