Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Breaking News Tanning salons must stay close to court | NOW

Tanning salons must stay close to court | NOW

The forced closure of tanning salons is not over yet. The studios filed a lawsuit against the Dutch State because of the forced closure, but were drawn on Wednesday. The judge finds that the cabinet may indeed decide to keep the studios closed in order to stem the spread of COVID-19.

The studios have been closed since mid-December, but don’t think that’s right. They say they are well able to comply with corona rules, for example because they work by appointment and because each tanning bed is in a separate room. The companies were also surprised that beauty salons and hairdressing shops, for example, were allowed to open, but the studios were not, because they were designated as ‘public places’.

The SVZ therefore decided at the beginning of March to go to court in The Hague. However, he ruled on Thursday that the closure of the studios must be maintained. According to the judge, the government has “a great deal of (policy) freedom in taking measures to combat the pandemic”.

The State may therefore choose to open hairdressers, for example, and not tanning salons. “The fact that it is (relatively) safe to work in tanning salons does not mean that it is therefore necessary to open them up,” said the judge in an explanation. “In any case, opening up the solar sector will lead to more contact moments and more travel movements and thus to the risk of more infections and further spread of the virus.”

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