Friday, April 23, 2021
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Home Technology Tesla, here are the prefabricated Supercharger stations active in less than 24...

Tesla, here are the prefabricated Supercharger stations active in less than 24 hours

Tesla inevitably points toexpansion of its charging infrastructure dedicated to new electric vehicles but already has 6,000 charging points installed in Europe and over 20,000 in various countries around the world.

However, if we consider the speed with which sales of electric vehicles are increasing, it seems to be quite fundamental that companies aim at further optimization of the current charging network. Considering therefore that overcrowding and queues to fill up with energy represent a big problem for users, the Palo Alto car manufacturer has come up with an innovative solution, the prefabricated charging stations.

Among the first Supercharger stations of this kind is that of Beaver. In the past few hours, an image published on Reddit by a user has in fact been published that shows the station arrived at the place of the installation already complete with charging columns.

Not coincidentally, the charging stations installed so far require quite a long time to build, and with the new innovation, Elon Musk’s company will only be able to drastically reduce production times in order to keep up with the circulating fleet. The pre-assembled stations, in fact, once grounded require little work to become effectively active. Therefore, we cannot fail to reiterate that the advantages are different since installing an already assembled station allows it to enter up and running in less than 24 hours from arrival at the place of destination.

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According to what was widely known, the prefabricated stations seem to come from the Texas factory in Austin which deals with distributing them throughout the United States, given the need to optimize and expand its charging network as soon as possible to keep up with the high Tesla sales numbers. It would also seem that, after Austin, Shanghai and Berlin could soon choose the same technique to broaden the infrastructure dedicated to users who own an electric car.

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