Friday, April 16, 2021
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“Thanakorn” countered “Chon Nan” to reiterate the vaccine against COVID If the injection is complete, it has immunity.


08 April 2021 – 14:53

“Thanakorn” countered “Chon Nan” to reiterate the vaccine against COVID If the injection is complete, it has immunity. But still have to strictly adhere to public health guidelines

Mr. Thanakorn Wang Boonkongchana, Secretary to the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Mention the case that Dr. Chon Nan Srikaew, MP Nan, Pheu Thai Party stated that the vaccine was prevented and could not stop the infection, confirmed that it is not true If the full dose is injected, there will be immunity. But we must also prevent and strictly adhere to public health guidelines. Certainly effective vaccines around the world are also used. The government does not block the accusations Dr. Chon Nan has accused of everything, there is a procedure that must be complied with the regulations, which Dr. Nakorn Premsri, director of the National Vaccine Institute, has confirmed several times that 1. Vaccines must be approved for vaccine registration prior to use. It means that the applicant must be a registered holder. And responsible for the distribution of vaccines in the country Some companies have representatives in Thailand. It will be operated by that company such as Pfizer, Astra, JJ. For whatever reason, no one else could do it. This is not a limitation of the government in any way.

2. Other manufacturers that do not have a subsidiary in Thailand That manufacturer must set up an Authorized Representative and submit a document (which is a Highly Confidential Document) to apply for registration. Will request to import other vaccines in addition to register You have to contact the manufacturer yourself. And is not blocked again

3. Many manufacturers have a policy of selling to the government only, such as Pfizer Astra JJ, but if the policy is changed later, it has been implemented. It is a matter of each company. The state is not enforced One reason that the private sector is sold to the state only. Because it is a new vaccine during the pandemic All vaccine manufacturers accept the state’s No Fault Compensation condition, which is to prohibit vaccine recipients from sue the vaccine maker for serious side effects.

4. The vaccines available at this time are limited. All of you that I have heard of The earliest vaccine delivery deadline is the third quarter of this year. And a small number is gradually sent

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Mr Thanakorn also addressed the case that Dr. Chol Nan Srikaew, Pheu Thai MP’s Nan, stated that Gen Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Solve the problem of COVID-19 and quit And stating that Vaccines can not stop the infection that. Situation of the COVID-19 epidemic The government is fully managed. Please believe in the Thai public health system Gen. Prayut Manage COVID-19 With brain and heart, unlike Dr. Chon Nan, who is a doctor in vain Calling the Prime Minister He resigned only for political results. Considered to be a genuine politician, species for Thailand Unfortunately, knowledge and ability Tackling the COVID-19 problem Requires cooperation from all parties And must take into account all sectors Whether in public health And the living life of the people, the Prime Minister did not think alone But there is a team of advisors who specialize in each field of everything through the past Chancellor of the Prime Minister Work hard to gain admiration from all over the world But political parties attack almost every day. Fortunately, the people of the people still give you strength. I want all parties to look with fair hearts. Imagine the past 7 years that the country has changed for the good in every way. Especially infrastructure, transport, quality of life of people, agriculture, etc. But we came across COVID-19. Everything hits Which is the same around the world, but the Prime Minister manages it well. Ask for fairness for you too

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