Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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The backstage confrontation between the scientists and the “no” of Tsiodra in the proposal of Kerameos

Twenty-four hours before the crucial meeting of the committee of experts, Sotiris Tsiodras detonated his bombs, during his official intervention at the Academy of Athens on the course of the pandemic.

The “disappeared” scientist revealed that the peak of the third wave will occur in Greece in the second fortnight of April and that a very negative scenario is likely, according to which in the third week of this month the country’s hospitals will be obliged to treat about 1,000 people in the ICU.

In short, the prime minister’s personal adviser so far, and the professor who literally follows the US pandemic standards, has expressed the view that any opening, whether for schools or retail, would be an exceptional dangerous step with very negative consequences for the course of the pandemic.

Sotiris Tsiodras, therefore, was explained in a clear and direct way. The next day he was one of those scientists who voted “no” at the opening of the high schools, immediately taking a negative position on the proposal of the Minister of Education, Nikis Kerameos, which had the green light from Maximou.

Mr. Tsiodras was opposed to the official line of the prime minister’s office, which wanted at all costs the parallel opening of retail with that of high schools, in an effort to restore a virtual normalcy. It is obvious that scientifically this project of the government did not stand. This is also the reason why the discussion in the competent committee of experts was extremely intense.

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The decision taken was not unanimous. A strong minority of scientists opposed the proposal of the Minister of Education. Behind the scenes and unofficially, the voting ended with 18 votes in favor of Kerameos and 9 votes against the ministerial proposal. It is noted that not all members were present at the meeting of the health committee. Only 27 voted. The next day, Wednesday, there was a strong background about the operation of primary and secondary schools. Things got complicated there because everything showed that in the next twenty-four hours cases and admissions to the ICU will be recorded with very high numbers, which is due to the relaxation of the measures and the celebrations of March 25.

In short, scientists expect that in a week from today, numbers will be recorded that will cause terror in the government, due to the liberalization of retail on the one hand and the operation of Lyceums on the other.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, however, continues to speak publicly with the best words about Sotiris Tsiodras. In the interview he gave to Star yesterday, he said that he talks to him on a daily basis. “Three times a week we have a morning meeting, where we see all the data … Now, you asked me if Sotiris Tsiodras is missing from the briefing. “I think he is missing, but he made the decision, which I fully respect, to advise the government and me personally without exposing himself to the public eye.”

What scientists say

Demosthenes Sarigiannis, professor of Environmental Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, expects a slight deterioration of epidemiological data in Attica next week.

Mr. Sarigiannis considers this development logical and, as he said, he will be concerned only if this trend continues next week. He estimated that the pressure on the health system will peak during Holy Week, when the number of ICU patients will reach about 900.

The professor of Genetics at the University of Geneva, Manolis Dermitzakis, stressed that in the good scenario the cases of coronavirus will be 2,000 per day. “No one expects miracles to happen,” he said, adding that the pandemic is not escalating at the desired pace.



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