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Home Technology The black and white icons your iPhone needs

The black and white icons your iPhone needs

Personalization has come to iOS and now we can change the icons of the apps for the ones we like the most, of course, thanks to a little trick in the Shortcuts app. If you want to give your iPhone an original and unique touch, you can use the black and white icons of this pack that we bring you.

iPhone with black and white icons

This is one of the best black and white icon packs that you can download to your iPhone, if you also complement it with custom widgets, you will surely have a device with a unique style.

How to download this black and white icon pack for iOS

There are several places to download icons for iOS, but there are many of these packs that are paid. However the pack that we left just below black and white icons is completely free. Just click on the button from Safari and click on Download, above the arrow you will see the downloads, click on the zip file, it will open in Files and when you touch it, a folder with the icons will appear.

black and white icons
Black and white icon pack

Download black and white icon pack

How to put these icons on your iPhone

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The essential thing to be able to put these icons on your iPhone is have the Shortcuts app installed. With this app we can create shortcuts to official apps and put the icon we want.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app, tap on the «+» and in Add action.
  2. Search «Open app» and click on this action.
  3. Now tap on Select and choose one of the system apps, for example Settings.
  4. Click on the 3 points top right.
  5. Now tap on Add to home screen.
  6. Tap on the icon below and tap on Select File and find the previously downloaded folder under On my iPhone.
  7. You can too rename shortcut.
  8. Tap on Add and Ok.

You must follow these steps to create each of the icons you want to edit, it takes a while but once you have them created, at any time you can change the icons editing the shortcuts.

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