Monday, April 19, 2021
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The citizen of Attica will be effectively protected from earthquakes

First entry: Thursday, April 8, 2021, 20:54

Attica will soon have become completely modern, equipped and well organized for the rescue of its citizens, said the governor of Attica, G. Patoulis, opening the web seminar on “Earthquake and Protection in workplaces of the Region and its municipalities Eastern Attica “.

The seminar was co-organized by the Attica Region and the OASP (Earthquake Planning & Protection Organization) with the participation of employees of the PE and the municipalities of Eastern Attica, under the coordination of Deputy Regional Governor Thanassis Avgerinos, who in his presentation pointed out the training of employees and citizens on the subject, at regular intervals.

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The president of OASP. E. Lekkas throughout the seminar made important interventions and remarks and concluded with the urge to repeat similar actions often. The keynote speaker was Prof. Asimina Kourou Asimina, if. Head of the Directorate of Social Earthquake Defense of OASP.

For his part, Mr. Patoulis described the protection of citizens, especially workers in the workplace, from earthquakes as a critical issue, as well as “the readiness of every citizen to be trained and properly equipped for survival when a natural disaster occurs.” . “As the main concern, apart from the constant information of the citizens, he noted that it is the application of smart systems and new technologies that science now has at its disposal to make Attica resilient and the citizen will be effectively protected”.

Last Updated: Thursday, 8 April 2021, 20:54



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