Friday, April 16, 2021
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The Comptroller General’s Department urged to solve sluggish disbursements Dismantle the procurement – flatten the appellant to place the bail.

The Comptroller General’s Department urges to resolve the clutter of procurement and procurement problems, stumbling budget disbursement of nearly 100,000 million baht, aiming to solve the problem of the appeal process, requiring the petitioner to place a deposit Hoping to prevent irresponsible appeal to delay the goal of pushing procurement money into the economy by at least 50 billion baht.

Mr. Prapas Kong-iad, Director-General of the Comptroller General, disclosed “Prachachat Business” that the Comptroller General’s Department will continue to resolve problems that delay the procurement process. Until affecting the budget disbursement From the collection of problems Found to be stuck in the appeal process And a lot of controversy, which accounts for nearly 100 billion baht in procurement budgets stuck in the appeal process alone.

However, if the money can be pushed into the economy quickly. Will greatly drive the economy

“Set a goal to resolve the problem. To allow money to flow into the economy at least half or 50,000 million baht or more. Many of the difficulties arise from the laws, procedures and overprivileged operators

Is when the law gives many rights Operators exercise their rights too. And beyond the scope It looks like a delay. The Department will therefore resolve the law, punish those who delay them. Because originally the operator who argued Appeal is fully accomplished No law And there is no cost of appeal Therefore becoming something that causes a delay “

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Mr. Prapas said The appeal made a lot of Delay the process of procurement And make money stuck in the system so The damage done It should therefore be part of the cost that the appellant should be responsible for. For example, the appeal may also be required to provide a security deposit. To prevent irresponsible or indiscriminate appeal In which, if the appeal is moused, the insurance must be forfeited, etc.

In addition, it will speed up the process of meeting 5 committees under the Procurement Act. To be fast and continuous To reduce steps and diagnose problems, including 1. Policy Committee. 2. Commission to diagnose the problem of procurement

3. Intermediate Price Committee and Entrepreneurial Registration 4. Cooperation and Transparency Committee and 5. Appeal Committee.

At the same time, the Department has relaxed the guidelines for the procurement limit of not more than 100 million baht in order to accelerate the expedition of money into the economy, which will help support the recovery of the Thai economy. After the COVID-19 outbreak situation includes

1. Submission of drafts of announcements and drafting documents for purchase or hiring by means of electronic bidding From the original limit of 500,000 baht but not more than 5,000,000 baht to be adjusted to a limit of 500,000 baht but not more than 10,000,000 baht to the discretion of the head of the state agency To be published to receive opinions from operators or not

2. Purchase or hire by electronic bidding To have government agencies to disseminate announcements and documents For one purchase or hire Which has a limit of more than 500,000 baht but not more than 100,000,000 baht for at least 3 working days and for one purchase or employment Which has an amount exceeding 100,000,000 baht, the government agency shall publish announcements and documents for at least 20 working days

And hiring consultants Design or construction supervision By means of general invitation announcement Government agencies to publish announcements and documents for hiring consultants And publish announcements And documents for the design or construction supervision For a consecutive period of not less than 3 working days.

Director-General of the Comptroller General said that in March the past There was a meeting of the committee to drive the implementation of the cabinet resolution (Cabinet) about CPTPP on procurement. With a magic master Add Pittaya Paisit Minister of Finance is the chairman.

Which has a way to fix The Procurement Act is in line with the CPTPP principle, which is partially international principle. This is an amendment to regulations such as some regulations of the Ministry of Finance related to procurement. Which is unclear or has the nature or duration of the granting of the operator Including the appeal

“The subcommittee made recommendations on the matter of appeal in procurement. That is, it will be the first appeal of the agency. And then came to the appellate committee accordingly Procurement Act There is an objection that the appeal to the agency Should not be considered by the agency itself

Must also form a committee Because he did not want the authority to consider the appeal alone In the process of considering the agency There must be a committee to filter, etc. However, in early April there will be another meeting with the CPTPP committees. “ Said the Director-General of the Comptroller General’s Department.

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