Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Breaking News The defendant who has been asked for life life twice is outside

The defendant who has been asked for life life twice is outside

With the death of Basmaz, the number of people who lost their lives in the incident rose to 3. Basmaz’s daughter Şerife Ertuğrul, who reacted to the release of İbrahim Çakı from the 4 defendants who were tried with the demand of aggravated life imprisonment twice, said, “One of those who killed my mother, uncle and my pregnant brother was released. “My mother died before she saw that those who made her like this were punished.”

Selahattin Çakı, Ahmet Çakı, Mehmet Çakı and İbrahim Çakı, in the incident that took place two years ago in Çayırbaşı village of Altıntaş district of Kütahya, intercepted the road of the tractor used by Necip Basmaz, who were hostile to the field sharing and fired lead. In the attack, the mother of a child, Gülsüm Yıldız, two months pregnant, who tried to come to the aid of her uncle by hearing the sound of a gun with Necip Basmaz, was shot and lost his life. The attackers shot and seriously injured Ayşe Basmaz, who came out after her daughter. Ayşe Basmaz, who has been struggling to survive in the intensive care unit for 2 years, lost her life the day before.


In the case held in Kütahya 1st High Criminal Court last April, Selahattin Çakı, Ahmet Çakı and Mehmet Çakı, who were tried with two aggravated life sentences for “attempting to kill intentionally”, were sentenced to continue their detention, while the defendant İbrahim Çakı He was released on the condition of imprisonment. The other three defendants also claimed in their statements that İbrahim Çakı was not present, while eyewitnesses said that İbrahim was at the scene.

Şerife Ertuğrul, the daughter of Ayşe Basmaz, whom İbrahim Çakı, who was released, filed a lawsuit for calling him a ‘murderer’, rebelled against what happened and demanded justice. Ertuğrul said, “They killed my uncle, my pregnant sister and my mother. One of the defendants sued me as soon as I was released. The pain I was experiencing has no description, they destroyed my family. I want the defendants to receive the punishment they deserve. My mother died before she saw that those who made her like this were punished. These people committed a life that was not yet born. “I want that there is still justice in this country, and what was given to the defendants should be shown with penalties.”

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