Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Business The health trend changed by the MZ generation, the trend is'vegetable protein'

The health trend changed by the MZ generation, the trend is’vegetable protein’

Vegetable protein, dietary fiber, vitamins…
‘Almond’, a representative plant food called’beauty snack’

As the MZ generation, which leads the consumption trend, pays attention to values ​​such as health and the environment, and consumes it, the preference for plant foods is high, and consumption is also increasing. It is interpreted that’meaning + coming out’, which selects products based on values ​​or beliefs, is also reflected in food consumption.

According to this trend, the vegetable food market is growing rapidly. Market research firm Allied Market Research predicts that the global vegan food market will grow at an annual average of 10.5% by 2026. The domestic situation is also not very different. According to the Korean Vegan Certification Agency, the number of certified vegan foods is rapidly increasing from 13 in 2018 to 115 in 2019 and 194 in 2020.

Photo Source: California Almond Association

There is a growing interest in soy milk, which is a representative vegetable protein beverage, as well as plant-based alternative beverages that can replace milk in consideration of health and the environment. In recent years, the variety of vegetable beverages such as using nuts and grains has been diversified, and cafes that offer options to choose vegetable beverages instead of milk are increasing.

Among them, the popularity of almond beverages made by grinding almonds is drawing attention. According to the 2020 Korean Consumer Perception Survey conducted by the California Almond Association, the answer was’Almond drink’ to the question,’What is the most familiar type of milk substitute drink you have recently purchased or consumed?’ One was the second most common after’soy milk’.

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In addition, almonds can be consumed in a variety of ways using whole almonds or almond flour as well as almond drinks. As more people manage their weight with low carbohydrate intake, the KETO recipe, which uses almond flour to make bread and cookies, is gaining popularity as a way to replace flour.

Photo Source: California Almond Association

A handful of almonds (30 g, 23 grains) contains about 6 g of vegetable protein. This is equivalent to the amount of protein contained in one egg. In particular, vegetable protein contains a variety of physiologically active substances, so it can play a role in preventing muscle loss, so if you eat it in a balanced way with animal protein, it helps in weight control.

“Almonds, which are rich in vegetable protein and dietary fiber, give you a feeling of fullness, so it reduces the desire to eat high-calorie snacks, so it is a representative beauty snack that does not fall during weight control.” He added, “It is easy to carry if it is subdivided into a small container such as a tin case, so you can easily consume it anytime, anywhere.”

Chasoo Ji, Senior Reporter [email protected]

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