Sunday, April 11, 2021
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The Italian chose Tajik for the trip from Poland to Lithuania, but he felt sorry for the border

A Tajik transporting Italy showed the border guards of Calvary a suspected forged document.

On Tuesday, SBGS Varėna Border Team Kalvarija Border Guard officers stopped a Toyota Prius car with Polish numbers to check it within the limits of Salaperaugis village, Kalvarija municipality, on the road Suwałki – Marijampolė. The car used to provide the shuttle service was driven by a 25-year-old Tajik national. An Italian citizen was traveling together as a passenger. All the latter’s documents were in order.

The carrier, Tajik, was locked in custody, and the Italian passenger had to look for another means of transport.

During the inspection, the Tajik driver’s license presented by the driver raised suspicions among the border guards of Calvary. SBGS officials immediately found this to be a forgery.

It also turned out that the Tajik only had his own country passport without a Schengen visa. Soon the border guards of Kalvarija found that this person had applied for a residence permit in Poland, but received a negative answer. The foreigner appealed to him, but the Polish decision was again unfavorable.

The driver was detained by Kalvarija border guards and detained. A pre-trial investigation has been initiated in the Varėna Border Team of the SBGS regarding forgery or disposal of a forged document. For this, the Tajik faces arrest or imprisonment for up to 4 years. The Toyota Prius is stored at the Calvary Border Guard.

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The Italian passenger had to look for another vehicle in order to continue his journey to Lithuania.



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