Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World The latest Benelli 302R released, the specifications make you curious

The latest Benelli 302R released, the specifications make you curious

Suara.com – The next generation of the Benelli 302R has finally been introduced to the public with a look that carries a futuristic impression, but still sporty.

Not just a matter of looks, Benelli has also worked hard to improve its products in Asia and Europe to comply with Euro 5 emission standards, or BS6 standards in India.

During the past month, QJ Motor, the Chinese company that oversees Benelli, has submitted several approval documents which indicate the existence of several new Benelli products in the global arena.

Reporting from Ride Apart (9/4/2021) Benelli 302R is called the opening, followed by a motorbike naked 700cc twin-parallel, as well as an update to the TNT 600.

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Taking a closer look at the new Benelli 302R, we can clearly see that this entry-level sports bike is quite stunning.

Obsolete halogen headlights and analog-digital instrument panels that carry the effect of obsolescence are now being removed.

Benelli 302R. (rideapart.com)

Instead, there are completely redesigned LED headlights, and a color TFT panel.

The new 302R has also been ‘on a diet’, and now comes in a slimmer appearance making it look more aggressive.

Updates to this motorbike do not only cover ‘cosmetics’. Benelli has equipped the 302R with front suspension upside down 41mm adjustable, as well as an adjustable rear monoshock. This motorbike is equipped with dual four-piston caliper brakes at the front.

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Turning to the engine, the new Benelli 302R has a revised 302cc double-cylinder engine that is now capable of producing 34 horsepower.

Adaptation to the Euro 5 and BS6 standards causes the bike to lose a bit of power, however, Benelli has redesigned the chassis of the bike to be lighter and stiffer.

As a result, the new bike has lost 22 kg over the previous version, which is arguably impressive, bringing the overall wet weight to just 182 kg.

Some Indian media are anticipating that the bike will be launched in India within this year for around Rs. 3.60 lakh, or Rp.70 million.



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