Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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The longest queues on the opening day of shops in Daugavpils

The portal visited the most popular trading places that had opened after a long forced break. We have witnessed a variety of queues at almost all the stores we mentioned in the morning publication. There were also pleasant exceptions – there were practically no queues at lunchtime.

The details are captured in our photo essay.

Note that queues were already lining up at some stores from the very morning, which our readers also wrote to us in the comments. For example, according to the testimony of one city dweller, in the morning there was a “kilometer-long queue” in a popular store in the city center that sells second-hand goods:

People waited for the opening of the boutique!”, – the reader informs.

In some shopping places, the queues are small, and in one popular clothing and accessories store, the queue of 10-15 people is constantly observed and does not actually decrease throughout the day.

Let us remind you that an area of ​​at least 25 square meters should be provided for one buyer at a place of trade, and at least 15 square meters at places where services are provided.

- Advertisement - also reminds: when visiting shopping places, it is imperative to follow the rules of epidemiological safety – due to the threat of the Covid-19 virus!

Take care of yourself, your family and people around you!

We wrote about the rules of trade, as well as about the rules for visiting stores, HERE.



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