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The mini-brewery from Pilsen moved to the village, reducing its costs by two thirds

Updates: 08.04.2021 14:23

Letiny (Plzeňsko) – After four years of operation, the Beer Factory mini-brewery moved from Pilsen to the village due to the coronation crisis and got rid of the restaurant. He thus reduced his costs by two thirds. After the opening of the restaurant gardens, which he estimates for the end of April, he expects a great demand for beer. It is already beginning to show higher sales in PET and glass bottles. The reason for the move was the need to reduce costs; in the center of Pilsen, the rents and wage costs of 16 employees of a large restaurant were particularly high, head brewer Petr Krýsl told ČTK.

Originally the second largest brewery in Pilsen, it leased a partner mini-brewery in Letiny, 35 kilometers away, whose capacity was not used. It was built by the owners of Beer Factory, or their second company Joe’s Garage Brewery. The capacity is half, but according to the co-owner and brewer’s father Josef Krýsl, it can handle all types of beer.

“We started on March 3, we know the technology is the same as we had in Pilsen. Here we are able to produce 1000 hectoliters per year, which will be easier to sell when the barrels start to go. We already deliver from Letin to Prague, Liberec , Brno, Hradec Králové, Třebíč, Olomouc and Bratislava, “said Krýsl Jr. “After the opening of the restaurants, I expect great interest, we must be prepared,” said Krýsl Sr. According to him, the advantage of small breweries is their great flexibility, which is now taking advantage of. “The grain has been separated from the chaff. Those who have good quality and a good reputation will survive on the market. The best brewers are in their own building at a reasonable cost,” he said.

After the opening of the borders, the company will resume exports to Sweden and south-eastern France, Slovakia is already buying a lot. According to Krys, the company from Letin will satisfy all orders. It now sells 65 percent of 12-degree lager, the price of which in a PET bottle is CZK 70 per liter. People are now returning a lot to lagers, special beers have fallen, but in the summer their sales will return.

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“We should have gone in this direction, production and sales without a restaurant before. The restaurant (for up to 200 people) slowed us down, burdened us and especially from the beginning we couldn’t find quality people there. We still tried to do something about it, but then it came covid, who stopped us, but rather maybe opened his eyes so that we would not deepen our debts. He quickly changed the development of our company, “said the chief brewer.

Beer Factory had a record year the year before, when it produced and sold about 1,700 hectoliters of beer. Last year it was about 900 hl, the vast majority in bottles. The restaurant closed last September and fired all its employees, after which the company just brewed beer. “The restaurant was a really nice show room, but very expensive. When those interested in building breweries from the Czech Republic and abroad came to the center of Pilsen, they were enthusiastic and wanted exactly the same brewery,” added Krýsl senior.

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