Sunday, April 11, 2021
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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports sent information to schools on the return of pupils to schools

Updates: 07.04.2021 13:24

Prague – The Ministry of Education today sent information to schools on the return of some pupils from Monday, April 12. The information package contains a detailed description of the method and organization of covid-19 testing in schools, recommendations for the functioning of teaching and for the evaluation or operation of kindergartens after their reopening. Information on the distribution of tests will be recommended to schools separately as soon as possible, according to material provided to ČTK by Ministry spokeswoman Aneta Lednová. According to her, the Office also launched the website.

According to the government’s decision, children from the first stage of primary schools and preschoolers will return to kindergartens from Monday. In the first grade, children will learn alternately at home and at school after a week. Practical teaching in secondary schools and full-time teaching in special schools will be resumed. All schools, with the exception of schools intended for children of paramedics, firefighters and, for example, police officers, are closed in the Czech Republic due to the covid-19 epidemic from 1 March. Upon their return to the desks, students will be tested twice a week with non-invasive self-collection antigen tests. The ministry promised to deliver detailed information on the distribution of tests separately to schools as soon as possible. On Tuesday, firefighters delivered 4.1 million tests from four warehouses of the State Material Reserves Administration to regional distribution centers. The chairman of the SSHR, Pavel Švagr, expected that he would arrive at the schools today.

The 16-page testing manual sent by the ministry to the directors today describes the exact procedure for using the tests. It is recommended to organize testing in the classroom or other rooms with the possibility of ventilation, at temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius then ideally outdoors. In the case of preschoolers or pupils in the first to third grades of primary schools, the school should enable the assistance of parents during testing, but at the same time separate them as much as possible from other people in the school and pay attention to the intervals. According to the ministry, these parents will be exempted from the ban on third parties entering school.

Testing will be a condition for the presence of students in full-time teaching. It will not have to be taken by children who go to school only for individual consultations or for individual lessons, for example in basic art schools. If the child does not participate in the testing, the school will record his absence from teaching as an excuse. The school will not have to organize distance learning for such a pupil, but should provide him with adequate support, for example by assigning assignments. Only pupils and staff without symptoms will be able to test at school.

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At the same time, the Ministry sent to schools a nineteen-page manual for the organization of teaching after the return of children to school with recommendations for verbal assessment and adaptation of children in the team, a six-page manual for education in kindergartens or an updated manual for school operations. It also added texts of extraordinary measures by the Ministry of Health to limit school operations from 12 April, to wear veils or to test pupils and school staff, and to decide that candidates for secondary school entrance exams will also have to submit a negative test for covid-19.

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