Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home Business The most visible IT&C brands online and on Facebook in March 2021

The most visible IT&C brands online and on Facebook in March 2021

The monthly top of the most visible brands online and on Facebook is based on data ZeList Monitor and fbMonitor, monitoring and analysis platforms of TreeWorks.

Top covers the brands present online in 30 categories.

Data for brands in the category IT&C are presented below in 5 slides, for each indicator.


Online visibility refers to the online visibility of the brands in that category. All the mentions are aggregated, divided on the 3 categories: online press, blogs + forums, social networks. The information also includes the evolution of the total number of mentions for the brands in the category compared to the previous month and the number of sources on which these mentions were made.

Top expressions represents the breakdown on the brands considered for the category of the number of mentions, of the number of sources on which these mentions were made and of the estimated number of impressions generated by these mentions (for each brand separately).

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Facebook Activity refers to the aggregate visibility of Facebook pages taken into account in the category and presents some information of interest: information on the aggregate number of fan interactions, average response rate, types of posts (text or video) and the evolution compared to the previous period .

Facebook top players represents the breakdown of the brand pages taken into account in Facebook Activity for the category. Here you can find four indicators: Fans, Posts, Interactions and Share of Voice (calculated from the sum of all pages in the database for the category, not just the ones displayed).

In the section Facebook Timing the number of aggregated posts and interactions (likes, comments, shares in posts) of the pages considered within the category are broken down by days, a number that has been broken down by hourly intervals.


IT&C – 2021/03

ZeList Monitor is the service for monitoring and analyzing the blogosphere, twittosphere and online press.
The service monitors over 70,000 sources and provides you with alerts, reports and detailed charts for the terms you want to monitor.

fbMonitor presents in a structured way those metrics that reflect the efficiency of communication on a Facebook page, both absolutely and in relation to the competition or to a previous period. The platform offers companies the opportunity to determine the effectiveness of communication efforts within their own Facebook page.



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