Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Breaking News The only cafe in Russia "only for women" closed in St. Petersburg

The only cafe in Russia “only for women” closed in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, the cafe “Simona” was closed, where only women were allowed. This was told in the feminist project “Eve’s Ribs”, which created the site.

The institution turned out to be on the verge of bankruptcy two years ago: at first, the income was 60 thousand rubles a month, then dropped to 5 thousand. Then Svetlana got a job at the cafe as a barista, who also carried out administrative work with volunteers.

“Starting in the fall, we got out of lockdown, and strange things began to happen with the coworking space. Svetlana now and then reported that she was burnt out and tired, and closed it for a week every month. Given that his working time was 4 hours a day. We all, knowing how hard burnout is, were always ready to be on the watch. But that didn’t help. Visitors, even during working hours, were constantly faced with closed doors, including mothers with babies who had to freeze on the street in winter, “explained in Eva’s Ribs.

The owners decided to close the establishment, but Svetlana, according to them, insisted on continuing the work. Soon, the girl began to complain about a salary of 30 thousand rubles and burnout. In the meantime, visitors reported rough treatment.

“Finally, Svetlana said that in March she would leave for another job, and asked her to pay her salary a month in advance. Which is what we did. They also stopped the work of the coworking space in February, as the festival was approaching, and Sveta had to carry out administrative work on booking tickets, hostels for the participants and keeping records on them, ”the project noted.

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In mid-February, the girl quit the cafe after remarks from the owners and banned them. All the festival money was with Svetlana, she transferred part of the funds to the management and volunteers, and refused to return the rest – supposedly it was their problem, she “all fit.”

As a result, the upcoming festival is in jeopardy of closure because the project has no money, no accountability, and no contacts with volunteers.

Whether Svetlana responded after the publication of Eve’s Ribs is unknown. The Rosbalt correspondent sent a request to the PR-manager of the project.

Let us remind you that the Simona coworking café opened in Fonarny Lane in February 2019. Men were only allowed access to evening events. State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov tried to break into the institution. The checks were carried out by the prosecutor’s office.



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