Friday, April 23, 2021
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The opposition is fighting in Tata’s place in the place of the DK representative who died in the coronavirus

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Two strong men of the Tata Rainbow Coalition fell on Facebook: Judit Popovics accuses Mónika Pusztai-Pintér of wanting to revoke her county assembly mandate, while the latter accused the former of avoiding work. According to the local sources of the Hungarian Nation, there may be a vacant local government seat in the background of the conflict.

A serious conflict has erupted within the Tata Rainbow Coalition, with the parties trying to expire each other in front of the Facebook public. The purple was launched by Judit Popovics, the 2019 mayoral candidate for the local opposition, when she accused the local Momentum of mutilating in social media earlier this week. In Tata, as in much of the country, left-wing parties ran together: the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, MSZP and Momentum launched joint candidates, but they still failed to conquer the city from the ruling parties.

The casus belli was the post of Judit Popovics, in the title of which she asked why the Momentum abolished the basic organization of the Tata, and then gives the answer: “because of mutilation”. The text, which has since been deleted, revealed, at least according to Popovics, that in August 2019, when he assumed the candidacy for mayor, the Momentum presidency asked him to take part in the county assembly as well. Then – at least on the basis of the Facebook message – we can conclude this – a deal was concluded between Popovics and the local member of the Momentum, Mónika Pusztai-Pintér, according to which the former will hand over his county assembly seat to the latter.

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Károly Gyűrüs fell ill after meeting Klara Dobrev, who was campaigning without a mask Source: Facebook

Judit Popovics lost the mayoral election, but won the seats of the municipal representatives and the county assembly. Pusztai-Pintér then accounted for the earlier promise, but Popovics refused to resign from the county seat. Incidentally, Popovics interpreted the situation as Pusztai-Pintér wanting to usurp his county mandate, which could be good for him in the 2022 elections anyway.

Mónika Pusztai-Pintér reported in an extremely voluminous position that she worked for Popovics during the municipal election campaign, who, however, typically caught up with the shorter end of the job.

Popovics barely attended municipal council meetings, but complained that he had a lot to do. Pusztai-Pintér claims that he then offered Popovics to resign from his position in the county assembly, which he did not do in the end.

The timing of the conflict is not accidental: a decision will soon have to be made on who can fill the vacant mandate of Károly Gyűrüs, who died as a result of a coronavirus infection, in the Tata representative body. The antecedent of the tragedy was that Klára Dobrev visited Tata on March 2, where, as evidenced by the pictures taken, she talked to local representatives without a mask. Dobrev was soon diagnosed with a coronavirus, Ring test on March 5: he also contracted Covid-19 disease and died on the 22nd.

Judit Popovics would like to see anyone on the vacant mandate, not just Mónika Pusztai-Pintér.

The informants in our paper called the other candidates “uncharacteristic” who could be easily managed so that Popovics could control the local opposition faction. The possible representation of Pusztai-Pintér, on the other hand, would mean a constant battle for him.

As Károly Gyűrüs was added to the board from a compensation list, there will be no interim election following the death of the politician. In this situation, the nominating organization, ie the Rainbow Coalition, has thirty days to nominate another person from the list to replace the deceased representative, if this does not happen, the next place on the list – in this case Zsolt Lengyel – can automatically take over Károly Gyűrüs.

In the wake of the personal conflict, the Momentum presidency also sent a message: the parties were asked not to discuss their differences in public.



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