Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology The prequel to the Netflix series badly embarked after this bad news

The prequel to the Netflix series badly embarked after this bad news

But what happened? While the series The Witcher : Blood Origin was about to start filming, Deadline has taught us a little reassuring news.

bye bye jodie

The Witcher : Blood Origin has been quite discreet since its announcement. However, we know that the spin-off was to begin filming shortly. It will turn out to be complicated in the end. The actress Jodie Turner-Smith has decided to set sail.

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But why such a decision? For her part, the main actress of the prequel invokes scheduling conflict issues. The series had to start filming well in advance. The whole had nevertheless been postponed several times, like many other projects undertaken in 2020.

Netflix will therefore have to urgently recaster its main actress. However, you will be able to find Jodie Turner-Smith very soon. This one will be showing in films After Yang, alongside Collin Farrell, and Without any remorse where she will give the reply to Michael B. Jordan. That’s not all ! The actress landed the first role in the series Anne Boleyne and will even make an appearance in the film Bordelands. In short, how many projects are in the pipeline …

Elijah’s role now vacant

It remains to be seen who will now play Elijah in The Witcher : Blood Origin. As a reminder, the character will have a central role in the spin-off. This powerful warrior gave up everything for the life of a traveling musician. But she will find herself forced to take up arms again, in order to hope for his revenge.

The character will fit into the plot of the Netflix miniseries. This will place you outside the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski and 1200 years before even the epic of Géralt de Riv. You will then attend at the birth of the very first Witcher, through the adventures of Fjall, played for then, by Laurence O’Fuarain (Rebellion, The Renegade).



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