Friday, April 16, 2021
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The President has signed the Law on Greenery, hoping to reduce the number of “Euro-renovation” in urban squares

According to the head of state, it is to be expected that less mature trees will be cut down in urban public spaces.

“It is sad that the renovation of the streets, parks and other public spaces of Lithuanian cities is still, for many, primarily related to the felling of mature trees. This approach of “Euro-renovation” leaves the asphalt desert instead of green oases, “says G. Nausėda on his Facebook account.

“The new Law on Greenery, which I signed today, gives hope that it could be different. From now on, the public and specific local communities will be able to be more actively involved in decisions on the creation, maintenance and management of green spaces, ”the President states.

On March 23, the Seimas adopted a new wording of the Law on Greenery, according to which municipalities will be obliged to inform the population about planned tree felling and other management of public greenery.

According to the law, the public will have to be informed about the decisions made and the permits issued for felling, otherwise removing, intensive pruning of protected greenery, planned for public greenery and plantation management works.

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Municipalities will have to ensure the inventory of green areas and greenery, the publicity of monitoring data on their condition.

The law stipulates that the preparatory stage provides for mandatory preliminary surveys and consultations of local residents on their needs, presentation of the project idea and discussion with the interested public.

According to the adopted document, municipalities that have received requests or protests from the residents about the planned felling will have to postpone the work and carry out an examination of the condition of the greenery.

The expertise will be carried out if requested by at least 100 people living in a city or town and at least 40 people when it is planned to cut public greenery in the resort or rural area.

The new version of the Law on Greenery will enter into force on 1 November.



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