Friday, April 23, 2021
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Home Technology The robot dog is being tested for Spot battlefields; here are...

The robot dog is being tested for Spot battlefields; here are the details

Signing the world’s most advanced and special robot models Boston Dynamics The signed robot dog can enter the Spot battlefields.

Changed hands many times in the past years and in the past months Hyundai under the roof of Boston Dynamics, He develops many different types of robots.

The first commercial version of these robots is the robot dog Spot. This model was started to be tested by the French army during its military training.

It is reported that the French army did not buy this robot directly from Boston Dynamics. So Boston Dynamics explains that they saw the process from the news

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Spot, which has already been among the tested robots to help soldiers in the robotic battlefields of the future, of course, is not yet ready for the process. Because this is not the manufacturing purpose of the robot.

The French army is testing the robot only for training and potential use scenarios. It is also among the information that the French army used other robots / autonomous war machines in the process.

It may attract your attention

Robot dog Spot military field is not very suitable

Recently, Boston Dynamics’ Stretch had arrived. This robot focuses directly on use within warehouses. The purpose of the robot shown for now is to move / move boxes or different objects.

Sitting on a moving platform and very sensitive to lifting with vacuum head system Stretchis developed for multiple uses.

The robot, which can effectively perform operations such as placing new products in a warehouse on the line, with its built-in sensors, focuses on small parts for now.

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