Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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The second train is on its way to China

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stated that the first boron export to China was made in the quarry, “Today, Eti Maden, together with TCCD, is delivering the second train to China by rail. Refined boron products produced in our boron plant in Kırka are about 50 container blocks. set off again to China’s Shiyan station in wagons. ” said.

Dönmez, in his written statement, reminded that the 42-container borax pentahydrate shipment was sent to China by an 800 meter long block train in the first expedition in January.

Stating that the first batch of delivery was completed in February, Dönmez said, “Especially the structural deterioration in world trade and maritime transport due to Kovid-19, equipment problems in the logistics sector and the high freight rates that have increased in sea shipments at the end of last year have still been continuing since the beginning of this year. In this period when freight rates peaked, our exporters also sought more exports by rail. ” used the expressions.

Dönmez underlined that the importance of alternative trade routes emerged once again after the accident that took place in the Suez Canal on 23 March and said:

“World trade has suffered a million dollar loss in just a few days. This has shown us the risks of trade that can be carried out through a single route or a single transit route. With the global vaccine studies, the demand for raw materials in the manufacturing sector has also increased since the beginning of this year. This strategic railway trial operation, which was successfully realized in a period where this situation gave positive momentum to world trade, started to bear fruit. Eti Maden will make a successful strategic move with ship leasing and rail alternatives as well as sea container transportation that it traditionally makes to the Chinese market. “

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