Friday, April 16, 2021
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The shopkeepers once again called out to the power: “The situation of the people is not good!”

CHP Deputy Tekin, who is trying to keep the pulse of the people by visiting district by district in Istanbul, visited the tradesmen in Fatih district today. A shopkeeper who said he was very troubled and showed the bills he could not pay, said that he voted for the AKP, but that the situation is not good at the moment. Stating that they believe that President and AKP Chairman Erdogan was deceived by his surroundings, the tradesmen said:


“The current situation is not good, it is not really good. Sir, they say that this is the insurance. I had to pay the insurance in the evening, I could not pay it in the morning. I paid 3 thousand 999 TL instead of 3 thousand 390 TL. What if you love your God in one day, Ankara, wake up Ankara. What are the MPs? Are you sitting there? Come out into the people. Is there an interest of 600 lira a day? There is sickness, no job, we sit all day. Enough is enough. People who love, let’s take care of each other. Let’s take care of each other as tradesmen, as citizens. ”

Listening to the troubles of the citizens and shopkeepers, “Nothing is getting better. We are not even able to get our basic food needs. Let alone meat, we have become unable to eat even eggs. We cannot live on our earnings.” which has a serious food problem. Not when you ignore all this. In the coming days, blessed months will come. People are not in a position to buy potatoes, onions and basic food needs, ”he said.


CHP’s Gürsel Tekin also responded to the words of President Erdogan from Fatih, saying, “Some of the retired admirals are CHP members. Tekin said, “We are the party that suffered the most from coups. You cannot show it near, near any blow. We have never been near the blows and their enthusiasts. Supposedly, the relatives of some signing retired admirals were from the CHP. Can you look at this logic? The last person to say this is saying this. If you are looking for a coup d’etat, you will look around yourself. None of us took shelter in the institutions of the state on the night of the 15 July coup. While AKP representatives could not even post Tweets, the first Tweets came from CHP members. The proposal that ‘let’s open the TGNA, let’s protect the parliament’ is also the CHP’s proposal. Meanwhile, 8 AKP ministers were absent for three days, we were very curious about what they were doing. I am sure the President of the Republic was also curious, ”he said.

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