Saturday, April 10, 2021
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The State Duma introduced a law on the obligation of athletes to notify about training abroad

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma obliging athletes to notify all-Russian sports federations about their training outside Russia, a Rosbalt correspondent reports.

If the law is passed, athletes will have to notify sports federations “about the passage of sports training abroad or the conclusion of urgent contracts with physical culture and sports organizations of foreign countries.” It is also proposed to keep a register of contracts concluded by athletes with sports and sports and other organizations of foreign states.

At present, there is a significant departure of athletes to participate in sports competitions on the territory of foreign states, it is noted in the explanatory note to the draft submitted to the State Duma by deputies Boris Paikin and Vitaly Tretyak. In their opinion, assigning new responsibilities to athletes does not mean limiting their rights and capabilities.

“Also, this proposal does not restrict the transfer of a person undergoing sports training or an athlete from one physical culture and sports organization to another. Thus, the proposed legislative changes do not restrict the constitutional right to work. Adoption of the bill will expand the area of ​​legal regulation, allowing to strengthen control over the order of international transfers (transfers) of athletes, ”the document says.

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