Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Thieves under the turbulent Nara throwing bombs at checkpoints 8th Marine Corps Hunter Company


08 April 2021 – 09:09

Thieves under the turbulent Nara’s car stacking in the back of a motorcycle throwing bombs at a checkpoint 8th Marine Corps, 2 wounded soldiers

Pol. Pol. Col. Warong Kerdsawat, Ph.D., Ph.D., Yi Ngo, Narathiwat Province, received notification of the incident of tumultuous bandits under the guise of driving a vehicle and throwing grenades at the checkpoint of the officers of the Marine Corps of the Marine Corps. 8 Ban Thung Kam, Moo 2, Laharn Sub-district, slightly injured 2 military officers.

Therefore, along with a number of police officers traveling to investigate the scene Found near the brick wall inside the base. It has white-red steel panels for traffic blocking, 3 inches deep, 12 inches in diameter, and parts of pipe bombs such as short-cut rebar tees. Fall scattered a lot The authorities have therefore collected it as evidence. The two were slightly injured, who had flak on their back. And the back of the right thigh, and the other one has symptoms of tinnitus, angina In which fellow soldiers were helping to provide first aid

Later, Pol. Police Lieutenant Colonel Wong Kerdsawat, police officer Yi-ngo, has examined the surveillance cameras. That military personnel have installed on the posts beside the base fence wall Facing to the checkpoint, the extraction point By CCTV cameras can save The behavior of the villain was captured by two villains wearing black long-sleeved shirts. Riding and piling on the back of the motorcycle is a vehicle from the route from downtown Narathiwat. Upon reaching the building area of ​​an officer of the 8th Marine Corps, the criminals that acted on the motorcycling slowed down. Have the villain sitting at the back, use his right hand to grab the grenades and throw them into the base.

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But fortunately, an explosion was thrown into an electric wire. Therefore causing the bomb to fall on the fence wall The military personnel were slightly wounded, 2 officers and a surveillance camera installed at 3 intersections beside the road that connects. Able to record the escape route behavior of the villain. By heading into the path to Amphoe Yi Ngo

For the incident, officials believed Is the skill of the actions of a group of bad people To show the potential to create a daily bad situation in the southern border provinces

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