Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology This Android malware pretended to be Netflix in order to hack WhatsApp

This Android malware pretended to be Netflix in order to hack WhatsApp

Free offers should always be viewed with caution, such as this Android application called “FlixOnline” which was detected by security researchers at Check Point and which offered completely free access to the Netflix SVoD service. Available on Google Play, the application usurped the identity of Netflix, including its logo.

In reality, it was a Trojan horse which, once installed on the terminal, would spy on the incoming stream of WhatsApp and respond to it with trapped messages. These encouraged recipients to take advantage of two months of free Netflix subscriptions. All you had to do was enter your bank card number.

In order to be able to intercept WhatsApp messages, the FlixOnline application asked the user to grant it three rather atypical access privileges: “Overlay” which allows windows to be superimposed on the smartphone screen; “Ignore Battery Optimizations” which allows the application to remain active at all times; “Notifications” which gives access to notifications of incoming messages.

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In total, almost 500 people have downloaded this app, but the number of victims is obviously much higher, depending on their number of WhatsApp contacts. Alerted by Check Point, Google removed the app. But it is likely that she will reappear in another form one day. We must therefore remain vigilant.

Source : Check Point



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