Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology Tim Cook is talkative and says more about him

Tim Cook is talkative and says more about him

Apple boss Tim Cook took part in the interview with American journalist Kara Anne Swisher. The opportunity to approach the famous electric and autonomous car project of the Cupertino giant.

Last winter, Apple hit the headlines with a small media bombshell from Reuters, according to which the Californian company planned to launch its own autonomous – and obviously electric – car in 2024. Not without mentioning the presence of a battery revolutionary.

Neither one nor two, the rumors spread well over the following weeks. Many manufacturers – from Hyundai to Nissan via Peugeot – have thus been mentioned as potential industrial partners, without any preliminary or advanced discussion leading to a final agreement.

“An autonomous car is a robot”

Obviously, the issue remains a hot topical issue, even though Xiaomi has announced that it is embarking on the adventure of electric cars. He who is however specialized in the manufacture of electronic and technological products. Apple boss Tim Cook is more cautious.

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In an interview with American journalist Kara Anne Swisher, as part of the Sway podcast of The New York Times, the person concerned was necessarily questioned on the subject. Clever, Tim Cook was both talkative and just as vague about the future Apple car, initially known as Project Titan.

Source: Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

Source: Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

« Regarding the work done on this subject, I will obviously be somewhat discreet ”, he wanted to warn from the outset. “If you get high, the car, in many ways, is a robot. An autonomous car is a robot. So there are a lot of things to do with this autonomous dimension», He continued.

And to continue: “We love to integrate hardware, software and service and then find the intersection point of this trio because we think that’s where the magic happens. We like to own the core technology that encompasses it all“, Explains the successor to Steve Jobs.

A clear and explicit strategy

Here, Tim Cook is relatively explicit about Apple’s strategy: to manufacture, control, and own the components, autonomous driving technology, and service that will tie it all together. A hell of a challenge given the significant advances observed at Tesla and other players in the sector. There is some catching up on specific areas.

Then to conclude: “We’ll see what Apple does. We are exploring many possibilities internally. Many of them will not see the light of day. I’m not saying none will come out“. A project obviously still in the embryonic stage, which is unlikely to see the light of day for many years.

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