Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Unit 4 of Dukovany resumed power, and was shut down on 12 February

Updates: 08.04.2021 09:54

Dukovany (Třebíč Region) – The fourth unit at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant began to supply electricity again tonight, which was shut down from 12 February due to the replacement of part of the fuel, service and equipment inspections. All four Dukovany blocks are in operation. The power plant should reach full capacity by the end of the week, power plant spokesman Jiří Bezděk told ČTK today.

At the Fourth Unit reactor, power engineers resumed a controlled fission chain reaction this Monday. “Subsequent tests of the equipment proved the proper condition of the equipment meeting safe and reliable operation,” said Roman Havlín, director of the Dukovany power plant. The unit began supplying electricity in the first minutes of today, when the first turboset was connected. The power generators connected the generator of the second turboset to the transmission system at 8:54, thus ending the shutdown.

Another shutdown associated with the regular replacement of part of the fuel at the Dukovany power plant should begin in May, it will concern unit number three.

During the shutdown of the fourth unit, the power engineers replaced 90 fuel assemblies in its reactor with fresh ones and did a lot of work on the primary and secondary circuit equipment.

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During the outage, according to the spokesperson, the power engineers had to deal with a number of preventive measures to protect employees from covid-19. According to him, more than 2,500 antigen tests are currently performed weekly in Dukovany. Less than one percent of those tested have so far been positive for covid-19. The power plant employs 1,430 people, and employees of supply companies also go for testing.

The Dukovany nuclear power plant with a total output of 2,040 megawatts covers one-fifth of electricity consumption in the Czech Republic. Four Dukovan production units were put into operation between 1985 and 1987.

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