Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Breaking News Veere and Vlissingen ask for recognition of suffering Moluccans | NOW

Veere and Vlissingen ask for recognition of suffering Moluccans | NOW

The mayors of Veere and Vlissingen ask for recognition of the suffering caused to Moluccans after their arrival in the Netherlands seventy years ago. Veere and Vlissingen support the appeal in a letter from eleven municipalities to the Dutch government.

The Moluccan ex-KNIL soldiers were isolated in concentration camps in Westerborck and Vught, NOS writes. They were there under difficult circumstances. Their stay in the Netherlands was supposed to be temporary, but that did not happen. The Moluccan population felt abandoned by the government.

In the letter, the mayors state that it would adorn the new cabinet “to recognize that the manner of reception and reception was unworthy in the Netherlands at the time”. The mayors also want more attention to be paid to the Moluccan community. “The recognition of this situation today is of great importance, because the dissatisfaction that we as mayor still find about this means that many within the Moluccan community still have difficulties to look to the future. Certainly among the youngest generations, such a gesture will not be the case. take away a lot of pain. “

Bas van den Tillaar van Vlissingen and Rob van der Zwaag from Veere have signed the letter about this. Van den Tillaar did this after consultation with the Vlissingen-Ambon Cooperation Foundation. Harald Bergmann of Middelburg will decide on Tuesday April 13 whether he will sign the letter.

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