Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Want to Prevent Stroke in Old Age? Don’t Forget to Check Cholesterol Periodically – Stroke is one of the chronic non-communicable diseases that causes the highest death in Indonesia. The cause of stroke is generally caused by an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by high cholesterol.

In order to avoid stroke in old age, Internal Medicine Specialist, dr. Imelda Maria Loho, Sp.PD recommends routine medical check-ups (MCU) if they are 40 years old, and 50 years old for women.

The types of examinations needed to prevent stroke are the same as the risk of heart disease, which is to undergo a general cholesterol check.

Cholesterol examination is to check for plaque in the bloodstream that can trigger blockages in blood flow, both in the heart and brain blood flow.

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High cholesterol illustration. (Shutterstock)
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“The risk of stroke is not much different from the risk of heart disease, because stroke actually contains blood vessel plaque in the brain, while for heart disease, the plaque is in the blood vessels of the heart,” explained dr. Imelda in the Pondok Indah Hospital webinar event, Thursday (18/4/2021).

In addition, there is also an examination of blood sugar levels or the risk of diabetes, considering that people with diabetes often become comorbidities that cause a person to have a stroke or heart disease.

There is also a venous droppler examination, which checks for cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels in the neck that can trigger a stroke.

“Now, if there is plaque there (on the neck), the risk is also getting bigger, especially if, for example, from a heart examination, plaques have also been found,” he said.

“So it is possible that other blood vessels, such as brain blood vessels, already exist,” continued dr. Imelda.

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The doctor who practices at RSPI Puri Indah reminded that when the MCU has found various plaques, cholesterol, and blood sugar, consult a doctor immediately before experiencing a stroke.



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