Saturday, April 10, 2021
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War of representatives of the BMA “Pheu Thai-Big Pae” in the sponsor tunnel

The Bangkok governor election is back hot – colorful again. After the local electoral battlefield, 2 fields are left to “compete for the chair” of the Sub-District Administrative Organization (SAO) and the last field – the BMA.

field “Battle of strength” President of the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) and President of the City-Sub-District-Village Municipality Can more or less influence the big house – Voters in the city and the countryside.

Focus on the polling ground “The Giant Swing Governor” Second-place candidate Open page – launch model “No vest” But the one that is still “closed” is the reserve – the back army that delivers ammunition – supplies with a secret under “Cloak” On behalf of “Independent Candidate”

“Big Pae” Maj. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda Former Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (Police Officer) said that the candidate for the BMA governor declared no party – only his friends moved forward. “Ask for points” BMA people because it is a “secondary boxing” based on “Diligent son” and “End horse”

Maj. Gen. Chakthip started starting 1 step slower than competitors – less flying hours. Therefore went down to the area to batten Relying on long fights – potential power and “strong power” after renting the Pan Sri Building – the former command base of the Pracharat Party as “Battle Command”.

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As a former “old man” of “Big Pom” Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the leader of the Pracharat Party, therefore, it was like “Tukklaph” because he had to answer the question as “Nominee”. Prawit or not?

Maj. Gen. Chakthip Using science and technology, kick-back, insist on “not affiliated with the party” to divide Can not return, but must reach to accept Gen. Prawit “used to call to invite BMA governor”

As well as “Big Pom” that is being asked daily whether The Palang Pracharat Party “does not send” a candidate for BMA, but supports “Big Pae” to be the governor. Bangkok, yes or no?

Only the sound of blessing Nong Love – Big Pae Floating from the palace saying “Big Pae” has the ability Used to work as a police officer for 5 years without failures

It’s the answer that has a flag in itself!

Side “Chatchart Sittiphan” That the candidate for governor Bangkok – Your favorite one this time Later launched, but the rooster. With the throw of Pheu Thai party – Nominee Thaksin – Tony signed as an independent

But until this time there are “Buy-out process” to pressure with hospitality Let Mr. Chatchart “retreat” from the field of play, “the governor” indirectly with a game of power cut. Threatening to withdraw sponsors From the Big Alliance for Energy Business Who is the main sponsor and close to “Chatchart”

Hit the new party network “Big Interior” The third party connector, which relies on the same water supply pipe

Therefore it is not certain that in the public way Even Mr. Chatchart Still insisted that the BMA election battle, but the background when the BMA election day “Chatchart” Will still be able to stand a distance in the field Or will reorganize the role

When “Chatchart” relies on the support of a major sponsor – the same party as the 3rd Party Network who wants to send candidates to run for the BMA governor election as well

Therefore no one dared to decide that Chatchart’s lineup – parallel to the energy business mogul and the “Big Interior Party” will not be the same !!!

The victory of the new BMA depends on many conditions.

If the big capital of crystalline energy and “Big Interior”, the 3rd Party network pressures “Chatchat” to cut the game of competitors, open the way for “Big Pae” and to “invite” to become the main force “Party new”

At that time, it could not be denied that Thaksin and his group May have to fight with the 3rd party and the network

Therefore, dragging the names of big businessmen in the real estate industry into the Pheu Thai Party Therefore is news that prohibits blinking eyes

Along with the chaos underwater phenomenon “In the middle of the war, the governor of Bangkok” due to the mismanagement of the Palang Pracharat Party and the “Party of Luk” that have to connect the sponsor pipe to support the governor of Bangkok, both parties, two sides

If in the future there is a battle for power in the Pracharat Power Party Resulting in a decisive step, not sure “Big Interior Party” Maybe not “Luk Party” But will become “Mother’s Party” Of the power of the nation, it is possible

With the position of “BMA” as a “bet” in the “representative war” between Thaksin and the 3rd party.



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