Friday, April 16, 2021
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‘We are more beautiful together, we are stronger!’

HLAG is an international competition that has been held since 2011 and is only open to women playing drums. Not to express the importance of gender in susceptibility instruments of choice and competition that aims to gain the lead in the music industry of the future drummer, Lean Senay this year for the first time in Turkey organized organizer.

Drummers Volkan Öktem, Alp Doğan Türeci and Lale Kardeş are among the jury members of the competition. Applications are evaluated in two separate categories, under 18 and over 18.

Participants are required to send the three-minute drum performance video, which they will shoot to the song of their choice, by filling out the form on until April 12th.

Leyan Senay is an independent drummer and drum instructor born in Belgium. He explains his connection with his instrument with the words “Drum is like my second language, I can express my anger, happiness and excitement in this language” and adds: “The best thing is, you know what? This language is universal, so even people on the other side of the world can share my feelings. I never feel lonely because I have an instrument with me, my friend. ”

Number of women across the drummer of both the world and Turkey, indicating that very little is Senay, it is about the cause, he says:

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“This is entirely due to the stereotypical prejudices and patriarchal system of societies that have persisted for years. And we will now say stop to this trend, we will take firm steps towards our dreams by tearing down these barricades of prejudices. “

Stating that the contest aims to break the stereotypes determined for the place and duties of women in society, Senay criticizes the emphasis on the gender of women especially in job descriptions and uses the following statements:

“Actually, this is nothing but marginalization. It is a highly prejudiced and dangerous mentality that officially presents the idea that women cannot be professional and successful in these professions as a subtext to the society. My goal is to not HLAG our country with Turkey, we now female drummer, drummer or musician to be called to provide, show that each profession can adequately and if women want to instill this awareness to everyone. At least I want the next generations not to be exposed to these prejudices and to experience the difficulties we have. “

Senay says it is a very serious turning point for a person to decide to devote his life to something specific and calls out to women who want to play drums with the words “Never stop pursuing their dreams”. Leyan Senay invites all women of all age groups who play or want to play drums to the HLAG TR solidarity community: “They can reach me on their Instagram account @hitlikeagirltr. We are more beautiful together, we are stronger! “



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