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What are the heart attack symptoms, how do we know if we have a heart attack?

Heart attack, which is one of the common diseases of our age, and any sudden blockage that develops in the arteries that feed the heart can cause damage to the heart tissue by causing the heart muscle to not get enough oxygen. Substances such as fat and cholesterol accumulate in the artery walls responsible for blood flow to the heart and form structures called plaques. Plaques multiply over time, narrowing the vein and causing cracks. Clots occurring in these cracks cause a heart attack by occluding the vessels.


Chest Pain: Most heart attacks cause pain in the middle of the rib cage. The complaint usually lasts for a few minutes, it can come and go. It can be felt as pressure, tightness, heaviness, pain. It can also be confused with complaints of stomach discomfort such as indigestion, burning in the chest.

Pain in the Upper Torso: Heart attack can also occur with pain in one or both arms, back, shoulders, neck, jaw and upper stomach.

Shortness of breath: Shortness of breath may be the only symptom of a heart attack, or it may develop before or after pain. It can develop at rest or with minimal movements.

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Other Symptoms of a Heart Attack

– Sudden cold sweat,

Sudden attacks of fatigue for no apparent reason (especially in women),

Nausea and vomiting

Sudden dizziness,

– Increasing or prolonging of existing complaints.

Contrary to common belief, heart attacks do not always occur as sudden and severe chest pain. Some people can have a heart attack without any obvious complaints (especially diabetics).

Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack enables the individual who encounters such a situation to access medical care without wasting time. Because it is known that early intervention is very important in heart attack. Early intervention can both reduce the risk of life and ensure that the heart muscle can be saved without damage.


– As soon as the symptoms of a heart attack begin, sit where you are, rest and do not stand.

– If you are wearing a shirt and tie, loosen the collar and tie of the shirt and try to relax.

– If you have an aspirin tablet with you, chew it.

– If the crisis caught you when you were alone, call the closest person if you have a phone or ask for ambulance assistance.

– Try to close your nostrils and cough strongly. This will increase blood flow.

– Open windows and doors to get oxygen.

– If you are caught in a crisis in the vehicle, pull the vehicle over and ask for help.



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