Friday, April 16, 2021
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When US First Lady Jill Biden appeared wearing fishnet stockings, the opinions of “like a witch” vs. “cool” were divided on social media.

First Lady Jill Biden was photographed on the 1st as he got off at Air Force One, the presidential plane, which is controversial. Because he appeared wearing fishnet stockings. He showed off a black skirt, fishnet stockings, and high-heeled ankle boots. Immediately there was a post on social media criticizing Jill Biden’s fashion.

My God, Jill Biden looks like Madonna’s grandmother.

ㅡTwitter user Wayne Doo Frishaw

Jill Biden is going to want people to stop sharing pictures of themselves in these poor clothes.

ㅡTwitter user Terrence K. Williams

Just add a broom to this outfit and you’ll have the perfect witch Halloween costume.

ㅡTwitter user HL Chisel Freeze

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However, there were many people who opposed this and cheered on Jill Biden’s outfit.

The easiest way to show how old you are is to say that a woman “looks too old” to wear certain clothes. A woman can wear the clothes she wants at any age. Jill Biden looks great.

ㅡTwitter user Sandy Blue

Seriously, if you’ve been mad at First Lady Biden’s fishnet stockings, and you’ve been standing still when former President Trump demeaned a disabled person, you’ve got a problem.

ㅡTwitter user TD Dress Maker

The controversy over the First Lady’s choice of clothes was not yesterday and today. Michelle Obama and Melania Trump were also criticized for their dress. The reasons are also different.

First Lady Obama was criticized for wearing shorts that looked too short and too informal on a Grand Canyon family trip in 2009. You can see his attire at the time in the photo below.

On the other hand, Melania Trump was criticized for wearing high heels when he visited Houston, Texas, hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. This is the reason that there was no’will to help’ at all. Also, in 2018, when he visited children who had immigrated to the United States from the border between the United States and Mexico, he appeared wearing a jacket that said, ‘I really don’t care, do you?’, and infuriated.

* Translated and edited the US version of HuffPost.



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