Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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which audiences will be eligible at the start?

Two audiences have been defined as priorities for the arrival of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine in France, with the first deliveries scheduled for April.

The first deliveries of the vaccine from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) are expected on April 19 in France. They will initially be small in volume, but many expectations are based on this vaccine, because it only takes one dose for a complete vaccination. A welcome logistical facility.

It also appears to be 72% effective against the classic strain of coronavirus; 86% effective in curbing severe forms of the disease. Faced with the South African variant, the efficacy of the vaccine is lower, around 64% – which remains relatively high – and slows down severe forms of the disease to 82%.

A single dose will suffice for Janssen’s vaccine. // Source: Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Priority audiences

Janssen’s vaccine will complete the city vaccination offer, that is to say for general practitioners in particular, and all caregivers who can inject. Pharmacies will also be able to stock up on doses of this vaccine.

« Since it can be administered all at once “, The Ministry of Health defined two priority audiences as a first step,” according to methods which are still to be calibrated in the details » :

  • People who live in “ particularly isolated territories », and especially in the overseas territories. The Ministry of Health cites in particular the inhabitants of the island of Saint-Martin, people for whom the delivery of a vaccine is complicated. ” So a vaccine for which only a single dose is needed presents strong logistical interests. “. Of the first two deliveries of Janssen’s vaccine in April, part will be sent directly to overseas. However, the profile of the patients who will be targeted has not yet been fully defined (the targets, in most of the overseas territories, are different from those in mainland France).
  • The people ” in a very precarious situation », who are eligible for vaccination based on their age or health conditions. These are people ” that it is difficult to get even when they want to be vaccinated “, Because because of their social situation, they are” away from care ».
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As with other vaccines, the audiences can be gradually expanded.

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