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Home Technology With ProspectIn, efficiently automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

With ProspectIn, efficiently automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

Canvassing new contacts on LinkedIn is a time consuming task. Between looking for good profiles, writing more or less identical messages and personalized responses that must be managed, it is a daunting and sometimes demotivating exercise. Why not automate these steps using an application? This is precisely what ProspectIn offers.

If you are a sales director, business developer or even CEO of a small business, you know how valuable LinkedIn is for finding new customers or contacts who might be interested in your product. In the business world, these are called “prospects”, potential customers. Finding them is not always easy. Touching them is even more difficult. But more than by email, it’s on LinkedIn that you have the most chance of reaching them.

And that, the French developers behind ProspectIn understood it well. So they created the ultra-comprehensive automation tool to easily reach as many prospects as possible. A tool whose ultimate goal is to transform them into “qualified prospects”, that is to say a customer who is really interested in your product and with whom you have an active communication relationship.

How does ProspectIn work?

As we said in the introduction, canvassing on LinkedIn is sometimes a thankless exercise. Between the time spent studying LinkedIn profiles, the contact request messages that all look alike and the negative responses, one can quickly become demotivated. This is all the more true if you have nevertheless worked well on your catchphrases, the presentation of your offer or the way in which you anticipate the potential needs of your prospects.

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ProspectIn assumes that you have a good approach, but that, due to lack of time or luck, you may not reach the right contacts. This application, which connects to your LinkedIn account, will then do 3 things.

Target and list your contacts on LinkedIn

Initially, ProspectIn will allow you to import, target or establish specific contact lists: salespeople in a certain field of activity, professionals who all have certain areas of interest in common, for example.

You don’t talk to CEOs the same way you talk to salespeople. And you necessarily need to separate your contacts to adapt your messages and your communication as best as possible. This is the first step before launching your prospecting campaign.

Build scenarios for each type of contact

Secondly, ProspectIn will allow you to create scenarios of responses or interactions with the contact lists. After sending a request to a contact, you can automate all possible actions. Has the contact accepted your connection request? Then ProspectIn will automatically send a message 24 hours later. The contact did not accept the connection request? A follow-up will be made with a new message within 72 hours.

Scenarios are the great strength of ProspectIn. They are the ones who allow you to set up an efficient and human prospecting strategy. Thanks to a simple to use and very complete interface, you can in a few clicks establish all the possible scenarios according to the interactions engaged with your prospects, up to ten automated responses if necessary.

Creating scenarios is a crucial step in the ProspectIn application. This is why the French company hosts numerous tutorials on its website to help you get started with the tool, but also to combine it with other tools and applications, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. store contact information in databases).

Optimize your prospecting

The last step is to apply your communication strategy to your prospects by launching your prospecting campaign on LinkedIn. ProspectIn thus offers a complete and practical interface allowing you to know, like emailing solutions, how your communication strategy has performed: what messages have worked best, what are the hooks on which you have had the most of responses or what types of profiles responded the most to your requests.

An automation tool that requires good communication skills

The rest is up to you. ProspectIn is above all an automation tool. It helps you reach more potential customers, but it’s not some magic tool that will write your posts for you. On this subject, the ProspectIn website is full of tips for improving copywriting, the art of writing and getting your contacts interested in you.

ProspectIn has published a very interesting statistical study, dating from December 2020, on how to best optimize its prospecting on LinkedIn. We learn, for example, that profiles with the title of CEO tend to accept contact requests more easily, unlike “Sales” profiles, which are more demanding. Or that short messages (300 characters) are the ones with the highest response rate.

Finally, a crucial aspect when using a tool like ProspectIn is to do regular A / B testing with its various prospects. You can’t just send the same message over and over to all your contacts. So it is advisable to test a few new messages on a handful of contacts to see how they react before rolling them out on a larger scale. ProspectIn allows this precisely by allowing the creation of specific contact lists.

How do I try ProspectIn?

ProspectIn is a tool that you can try for free at first. All you have to do is install the application’s browser extension. To go further or to manage several accounts at the same time (and avoid soliciting the same prospects), different rates are offered on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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