Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology with quality "equivalent to UHD Blu-ray" and 300 movies

with quality “equivalent to UHD Blu-ray” and 300 movies

When Sony presented its new range of televisions for this 2021 a few months ago, it also advanced that they would come from the hand of a new straming service for cinema on demand that would offer unprecedented picture and sound quality thanks to the use of a large bandwidth with which it could achieve a “quality equivalent to a UHD Blu-ray”.

It was about BRAVIA CORE, a service that the manufacturer has now officially presented for Europe, giving more details about its operation, offer of titles and availability depending on the television we have.

To begin with, it should be noted that we are facing a exclusive functionality for now of the BRAVIA XR line of TVs presented this 2021, whose owners will have to register after purchasing and installing the TV at home to access a initial catalog of 300 titles, including some classics and new ones like “Venom”, “Peter Rabbit”, “Ghostbusters”, “Blade Runner 2049” and “Jumanji: The Next Level”.

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Users will have a credit system That will start from a more or less high initial value depending on the range of TV they have bought. Thus, we will have 10 credits on the A90J and Z9J models and 5 credits with the rest of the BRAVIA XR models comprising the A80J, A83J, A84J, X95J, X90J, X92J, X93J and X94J televisions. In addition, there will be access to another selection of secondary titles to stream “as many times as we want” and in quality up to 4K HDR.

Pure Stream Technology, IMAX Enhanced and DTS Sound

The service offers the movies in 4K with HDR through the technology Pure Stream, which allows data transmission at speeds of between 30 Mbps and 80 Mbps, requiring a minimum Internet connection speed of 43 Mbps and a maximum of 115 Mbps. In addition, some of the titles (initially about 50) will be available in the IMAX Enhanced format and with DTS surround sound.

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Initial access to the BRAVIA CORE subscription includes 24 months for Z9J and A90J models and 12 months for A80J, A83J, A84J, X95J, X90J, X92J, X93J and X94J models. The subscription period will begin from the moment of registration of the BRAVIA CORE account by the user.

At the end of the free subscription period purchased with the TV, access to video on demand content will cease, although it is assumed that the option to renew it after this period will be offered (although we may already have to pay some amount), since in The conditions of the service we can read that: “Any renewal will be subject to an agreement with the service provider BRAVIA CORE, subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions for that service.”

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