Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World With self test every Monday and Thursday the return to schools

With self test every Monday and Thursday the return to schools

The general and vocational high schools of the country will open on April 12, announced the Minister of Health Niki Kerameos.

In addition to the measures already in place, a self-diagnostic test twice a week for students and teachers is also added. Tests will be required to attend school every Monday and Thursday. In Special Education, tests are mandatory for teachers, while a strong recommendation is made for students.

Parents, students and teachers will receive the test from the pharmacy using their AMKA. In Athens and Thessaloniki the tests will be available from tomorrow, while in the rest of the country they will be available from Friday. From next Monday they will be able to take the next test.

Ms. Kerameos said that the test should be done the same morning or the night before the scheduled day. The result will be declared on the website, the entrance to which will be done with the codes of Taxisnet.

In a negative test will be issued by the website and the relevant school card will be printed, which will be displayed in the first hour every Monday and Thursday. If the test is positive, the relevant statement will be issued by the website, to be followed by a rapid test in a public structure. If the repeat test is positive then the EODY protocol will be followed. In case of a negative repeat test, the student will be able to return to school.

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Ms. Kerameos stressed that all the measures that were applied before the closing of the schools will apply. These are:

– the obligatory use of a mask indoors and outdoors,

– the different breaks for groups of students,

– fixed groups of students in sports and other activities,

– the use of antiseptics,

– meticulous cleaning,

– regular ventilation of the premises, especially now that the good weather helps,

– the more specific measures for adapted operation of canteens, computer labs, use of musical instruments, etc.

“We are systematically discussing with the Committee of Experts about the other educational structures, and we hope to be able to reopen the lifelong learning process for them soon,” added Ms. Kerameos.



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