Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Wor Por. 63, tested and quarantined 14 days, found a student with COVID

Picture from facebook Information center Internal Security Operations Division 4 Front – New Page

Wor. 63, tested for infection – quarantined 14 days after finding a student with COVID Businessmen – government officials altogether

On April 8, 2021 Matichon reported that Lieutenant General Wirot Kerdsang, director of the National Defense College. National Defense Studies Institute Announced the National Defense College (National Defense College), Class 63 in case of unusual circumstances. Due to the epidemic situation of COVID 19, the message is as follows:

One of the National Defense College students, Class 63, was reported to have been infected, and two of the National Defense College of Thailand, Class 63, were quarantined for detention because they were at risk. In addition, a civil servant detected coronavirus infection on April 7.

Therefore requested to cancel the trip to see the Northeastern Region Between 26-30 April and postpone the third academic seminar from 20-22 April and cancel educational activities at the National Defense College from 8 April onwards to 30 April.

And asked students, class 63 and civil servants to be examined from 8-9 April and quarantined for 14 days at the accommodation and reported in the system every day.

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The National Defense Course (NPSC), Class 63, enrolled 285 people, consisting of 94 military officials, 9 police officers, 77 civil servants, 15 state enterprise employees and independent organizations, 15 private sector workers and businessmen. 68 people

Including students from Mitr Phet, totaling 7 students from 7 countries, including the Kingdom of Cambodia Indonesia Republic of korea Federation of Malaysia Republic of the Philippines The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam The study is divided into 2 parts: the orientation and the main semester.



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