Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology Xiaomi Mi 11 passengers Lite model may also Turkey

Xiaomi Mi 11 passengers Lite model may also Turkey

Xiaomi’s first flagship model in 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11 and POCO X3 Pro beside Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Turkey can be a model of the passenger.

Xiaomi Mi 11, MIUI in Turkey in recent days added to the Global’ll remember ROM page. If you are later on this page POCO X3 Pro model has been added.

Officially LITTLE F3 Budget-friendly phone introduced with, POCO F2 Pro, POCO M3 and POCO X3 NFC POCO model can be sold after the fourth official in Turkey as we say.

Now the new model of the page Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite happened. He was born here, also check the phone soon introduced the possibility of Turkey. This is not certain, but the list we mentioned includes phones that have always been on sale.

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With the design you see above Mi 11 Lite, not surprisingly, it goes from the line of the regular Mi 11. Xiaomimi Mi 11 and Mi 11, the Ultra Pro models now did not expect to bring to Turkey.

It may attract your attention

Lite Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi Pro X3 will bring a lot of noise at 11 and POCO Turkey

The phone is also available in three different unknown how much income they will be sold in Turkey. However, the prices are expected to be ambitious, especially for the Mi 11 Lite and POCO X3 Pro.

It looks like it will be shelved before the Mi 11 Lite and POCO X3 Pro in the order of inclusion listed Xiaomi Mi 11 model has the possibility of reaching 9 thousand TL.

Unfortunately, Android phones are also now gaining the upper level of prices over 8 thousand in Turkey.

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