Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology Yakuza are ridiculed in this wacky anime

Yakuza are ridiculed in this wacky anime

Too often, anime are seen as a reflection of old Japanese ways that are completely out of date. That is why The Way of the Apron intends to give a big blow to these prejudices. Humor and irony are on the program for this production available today on Netflix.

Yakuza’s hard life

Netflix continues its foray into Japanese animation with a new adaptation. This one is taken from the eponymous manga The Way of the Apron and will tell the incredible reconversion of a yakuza so feared by his peers.

Tatsu, also known as “The Immortal Dragon”, is a true legend of organized crime. Capable of the worst, his name inspires terror even within the ranks of the police. But one day, the yakuza slashes everything for a very specific purpose: to become the most perfect housewife.

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The Way of the Apron clearly focuses on humor, using a more than original concept. The anime will hurt the preconceived ideas that we have of masculinity, while ridiculing the dark universe of yakuza. The process will take shape over a dozen episodes, each of which promises to be equally improbable.

One more success to be expected

The Way of the Apron is not at its first attempt. Kōsuke Oono’s manga, available from us in 5 volumes, is now listed as a real success. In Japan, the series recently underwent a drama adaptation.

The paper version has been extended. The public is asking for more. Tatsu generates both excitement and hilarity to the accomplishment of his daily tasks: cooking, cleaning, shopping …

The yakuza with a bloody personality never ceases to amaze us. This is notably made possible thanks to the incredible adaptation work of the JC Staff studio (Food Wars and season 2 of One-Punch Man), as well as that of director Chiaki Kon (some of the episodes of Naruto shippuden and Boruto), who decided to opt for the use of static animations in the style of a photo novel.



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