Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World You can now spend holidays at Catarina Gouveia's house from 190 euros...

You can now spend holidays at Catarina Gouveia’s house from 190 euros a night – to Boil

Catarina Gouveia and her husband recently finished decorating the house they bought in the Comporta area and now decided to monetize the property, which they put up for rent on holiday rental websites. The luxurious villa is available from 190 euros per night. It has three bedrooms, a swimming pool and all the perks that the actress doesn´t need, also giving access to a spa, Turkish bath in a hotel. The images are already available on the internet and show the refinement of the space.

In the images shared by the agency sites, it is possible to see all the details of Catarina Gouveia’s house, decorated with simplicity and glamor. The actress admits to choosing furniture and utensils with the least possible environmental impact. “I used wood and companies that embrace this concept of sustainability. All utensils are made of wood, there are no plastics inside the house. With these small details, I often end up believing that whoever may have this experience, who knows, may acquire habits from living inside the house and be able to drag them into their own homes “, told the ‘MAGG’ website. Guests will have at their disposal reusable shopping bags, recycled toilet or kitchen paper, as well as recycled garbage bags.

The actress also confessed that she always dreamed of having a business of her own. “I was eager to create my own business that would excite me and at the same time that there was a direct identification with me. At the time, the idea was a small restaurant business, where I could cook, receive people, since I really like to cook “.

Catarina and her husband decided to invest in the Comporta area after the first confinement, when they felt the need to find a refuge far from Lisbon,
After spending a few days in that area, he fell in love with the place and decided to proceed with the investment. “It was really a very decisive experience for me. I thought: ‘This is where I will invest and create an opportunity for people to feel this passion of mine for what it is to live integrated in nature as much as possible and have a direct daily connection’. And that’s how it all began”, he recalled.

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