Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Zacha scored two goals for Buffalo. Zohorn has two points in the match for the first time

Updates: 09.04.2021 06:19

New York – Czech hockey striker Pavel Zacha helped New Jersey to win in Buffalo 6: 3 with two goals. Martin Nečas and Radim Zohorn also scored two points for a goal and assistance in Thursday’s NHL program, who took part in the winnings of Carolina and Pittsburgh. After one point, the scorer Jakub Voráček with Dominik Kubalík and the recorders Jakub Zbořil and Ondřej Palát recorded.

New Jersey did not catch the start of the match and in 53 seconds on Buffalo’s ice they lost 0: 1. Devils arranged a lightning turn with Zach’s two power-up hits. The Czech center prevailed for the first time in the third minute, when he found a puck and overcame the goalkeeper Linus Ullmark with a backhand. He scored the second goal with an accurate shot from the left circle a minute later and sent New Jersey to a 2: 1 lead.

Zohorn opened a score with a successful forehand bluff in the seventh minute in a duel between Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers. Shortly after halfway through the game, he assisted in a numerical advantage at Evan Rodriguez’s goal and scored more than one point in the NHL game for the first time. The Czech rookie, who has the same number of Canadian points after four NHL games, was, like Zach, declared the first star of the match. The Penguins lost to the Rangers 5: 2.

Carolina managed the second duel with Florida in a row and moved to the head of the Central Division. Martin Nečas, who assisted in the second goal and scored a soothing goal in the last minute of the match, had a large share in the 3-0 win.

NHL results

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Buffalo – New Jersey 3:6, NY Islanders – Philadelphia 3:2 po sam. nájezdech, NY Rangers – Pittsburgh 2:5, Washington – Boston 2:4, Columbus – Tampa Bay 4:6, Montreal – Winnipeg 2:4, Detroit – Nashville 1:7, Chicago – Dallas 1:5, Carolina – Florida 3:0, Ottawa – Edmonton 1:3.

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